Wee Boys from Glasgow Don’t Cry

Wee Boys from Glasgow Don’t Cry is my autobiography and it is now available wherever books are sold.
It was quite a roller-coaster of emotions re-living past events; a mixture of extreme highs and extreme lows; deep sorrow and sadness mixed with great joy and elation.
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David Sullivan says…..”One of the few books that I have just “had to” read from beginning to end. Makes me appreciate and respect the man and the ministry even more than I did before. Another book that I couldn’t put down is McKenzie’s Companion. Two different books from the same man — or are they both about the same man?? Mystery!”

Sheila from Lanark says….
I have just read your book which my sister in law kindly let me borrow and just felt I had to email a big thanks to you. You are a true inspiration and man of God. I am originally from Spittal near Fernhill and could totally picture many places you spoke about. My mum attended her first AA meeting with your mum…over 30yrs ago and has been sober ever since. She is now born again and we have a wonderful relationship.
Anyway I just wanted to thank you and say God Bless you, Nancy, your family and all the work you are a part of.

Wee Boys from Glasgow Don’t Cry – Spanish Translation De la Muerte a la Vida

De la Muerte a la Vida es un desafío de la vida real, una historia en una montaña rusa de supervivencia y victoria.

Entre las tinieblas de las drogas y el alcohol, Peter cae en una espiral profunda hacia un desesperado estilo de vida sin barreras.

Huyendo con la mujer de otro hombre, está a punto de tropezar con una transformación extrema y muy personal.

Completamente abatido y derrotado, tras años de hedonismo, recibe un salvavidas de donde menos se lo esperaba. Cuando ya no le quedan más alternativas, Peter agarra la mano extendida de Cristo Jesús.

El poder de Dios le tira al suelo y cuando se levanta está totalmente transformado.

La verdadera aventura está a punto de comenzar….

11.99 EUR + P&P

Wee Boys from Glasgow Don’t Cry – an autobiographical real life story of personal transformation

Wee Boys from Glasgow Don’t Cry is a challenging real-life roller-coaster story of survival and victory. In the twilight zone of drugs and alcohol, Peter spirals deeper into a desperate lifestyle with no holds barred. On the run with another man’s wife, extreme personal transformation is just about to hit him! Completely dysfunctional from years of hedonism he is thrown a lifeline from where he last expected. With no options left, Peter grabs the outstretched hand of Jesus. The power of God knocks him to the floor. When he gets up he is totally changed. The real adventure is about to begin …..

Honest, uplifting, miraculous, extreme, challenging and inspiring, Wee Boys from Glasgow Don’t Cry is a real-life story that is full of hope despite impossible odds. Accounts of miraculous escapes and divine encounters liberally pepper both Peter’s insidious decline, fuelled by drugs and alcohol, into a twilight world of deception and the amazing rescue drama that brings him out of it.

Growing up with a violent, angry, alcoholic father and a pill-popping wreck of a mother, Peter began to seek ways of escaping. Playing rugby for his school released some of his frustrations, long distance running helped some more but hitch-hiking from the age of 14 helped the most. Travelling further and meeting strange strangers broadened his horizons beyond his tender years. He grew up too fast.

His search for new places to go led Peter into experimentation with LSD and other mind altering drugs and his exploration of a variety of religions and philosophy led him progressively on a journey of cerebral escapism. Art School gave him permission to go even deeper into a surreal world of his own making. Justifying his increasingly hedonistic life style in the name of ‘art’ he found himself in a world of self-deception. As a successful photographer for the music tabloids he lived the life of the stars he worked with. When it all caved-in, he did what he did best…he ran away.

In Spain, deceived and deceiving many, he went from bad to worse. Trafficking drugs, working for the Costa Mafia, homeless and addicted, Peter, confused and dazed, was losing his last grip on reality. His world was getting darker, heavier and scarier. On the run with a psychopath’s wife, he unwittingly trapped himself in the unfamiliar surroundings of a little whitewashed village. The DTs terrorised him. Unable to walk, he crawled to a church looking for money. Hallucinating, vomiting and shaking uncontrollably, his whole life was about to change…

In front of the entire congregation, Peter heard God ask him, “What can I do for you?”. With every ounce of strength he had Peter cried out, ‘Everything!’ He dropped to the floor but immediately knew something awesome had happed. As he inhaled it was like breathing pure energy. He rose to his full height completely transformed. He began to laugh, every one around him began to laugh. Joy overwhelmed him, he was a brand-new person. Now the real adventure began….the journey of all journeys.

Learning to ride-the-rapids with the Holy Spirit brought loads of thrills and spills. There were huge highs and lows. God lost no time in knocking Peter into shape. Over 3 years in Rehab, Bible College, pioneering in Scotland, Pastoring in Glasgow… all of these were his training ground. Getting married, having responsibilities, becoming a father and grandfather and being part of a family were all a huge learning curve.

Not coming from a religious background, Peter is one of the most unreligious Christians you could meet. His focus is on relationship, firstly with God but also with everyone he meets. Peter learned to trust God and to trust himself. As he was faithful with little, God gave him more. Today, he heads-up an International Apostolic Ministry that currently reaches 26 countries around the world. As his charity, The Way Christian Ministries, has grown, so too have the frequency and scale of miracles…. from a living in a tiny caravan to owning a 70 room mansion. Surviving a liver transplant, being healed of hepatitis C, a heart attack and internal bleeding….God is making up for lost time…..

You will be swept along in mouth-dropping amazement as you turn the pages of this fast-action, real-life drama. Wee Boys from Glasgow Don’t Cry will leave you breathless but blessed. Be amazed at the great grace and unlimited love of God, the phenomenal power of the Holy Spirit and the aroma of Christ that rises from these pages and transports you into a world where nothing is impossible….

Foreword by Colin Urquhart

Anybody who knows Peter Stanway will find this book a fascinating read.  He is truly a trophy of God’s grace, saved from a life that on several occasions could have ended prematurely in disaster, and saved for a ministry that would impact the lives of many with the reality of God’s love. 
Peter spares us unnecessary details and keeps the narrative moving at break-neck speed – much like his early life, but in a very different way!  So your interest will not flag as you are taken from one unlikely scenario to another. 
Reading this book demonstrated for me that great truth that when God decides to place His hand on someone’s life, He will ensure that His purpose in doing so will be fulfilled.  It is amazing what He will allow someone to go through before plucking them out of the mire and placing them in Christ Jesus.  A life that was full of darkness becomes a shining light that can carry the truth to others. 
I trust that many who have no hope will read the book, those who feel that they have messed up their lives completely, whether through their own failings or by being the victim of circumstances.  This book will surely give them hope and encouragement, for no problem is too great for Jesus Christ to deal with.  He gave His life for the hopeless, those who have no self-worth.  He alone can make them new. 
Those who have known the Lord personally for many years will find this an encouraging read, demonstrating that there is always more to reach out to receive from our Lord, more that He wants to impart to us and more that He wants to do with us for His glory. 
All who read this book will surely join with Peter in saying: “Thank you, Lord, for your love, your mercy and your grace!”
Colin Urquhart
(Apostle and Founder of Kingdom Faith Ministries)

Book Review by Mary Nicholsen

Wee Boys from Glasgow Don’t Cry, but readers may when they read some of the heartbreaking stories author Peter Stanway shares in his book Wee Boys From Glasgow Don’t Cry. Whether reading about Stanway being rescued by his father from what could have been a fatal fire, to knowing he was choking back tears as a five year old listening to his Mom being abused in the adjoining room, it is impossible to remain detached from his written experiences.

It is amazing he survived his early childhood when accident after accident threatened to steal his young life. Later, at the age of twelve, he became physically active to avoid the shame his father placed on him for being “a sissy”.

His crime? Playing Rugby instead of football. “I was fit but lonely”, he wrote. He began experimenting with existentialism, transcendental meditation, philosophy, drugs and alcohol. In pursuit of fulfilment, fantasy crept in.

Thanks to a Christian Geography teacher, Stanway asked Jesus into his heart but as he put it, “I knew nothing about the Holy Spirit. I had a two-cylinder faith, Father and Son but no Holy Spirit”, which he explains, is the source of strength and power to follow Jesus. His conversion was brief.

As a young man, he lived the life of a free spirited, free-willed, adventure seeker that proved to be controlled by addictions. Stanway was living on the street, going town to town, knowing he needed something more and honestly seeking it, but unable to make a long lasting change.

Meeting Nancy, getting involved with WOTS (The Way of the Spirit) and pure determination proved to be Stanway’s stepping stone into permanent conversion. Ironically, once he is able to re-channel his energy and make tracks in the right direction, his past haunts him through a life threatening illness. Stanway is honest and revealing as he takes his reader through the liver transplant that literally saved his life.

Stanway is passionate about everything he does. It is evident prior to his conversion, but when you see him using his passion to create change in others, it is downright inspiring. He is a true people person-compassionate on multiple levels and willing to do what it takes to rescue others. He gets it because he’s been there. He is an unstoppable force, chasing God and the good in mankind with all he has. And these days, that’s a lot!

Wee Boys From Glasgow Don’t Cry isn’t just an autobiography, it is an example of how to minister and do it effectively. He is energetic and knowledgeable-a combination that proves to be lethal when used against the powers of darkness. His story will challenge ministers, motivate lay men, and encourage the reader. If you have ever wanted to make a difference, this is the man to learn from.

Excerpts from Wee Boys from Glasgow Don’t Cry

Excerpt #1

Mum’s black bee-hive hair piece lay limp on the floor like a dead cat. I nervously surveyed the scene of the night before….
I had eventually fallen asleep after beating-up my pillow with all the strength I could muster and wishing, as I did it, that my pillow was my dad.  Frustrated, angry and hurting I choked back the tears because wee boys from Glasgow don’t cry. I was five years old……

Excerpt #2

I had a cheap sleeping bag, but it was too steep to sleep on the embankments.  I walked to the bottom of the steps and made my way along a dimly lit path with overhanging trees following the course of the Seine.
Up ahead I could see a small group of shadowy figures gathered together under the low light of a dull street lamp.  As I passed I noticed they were black-skinned and one of them reached out to turn me by the shoulder.   He said ‘Sorry friend, but times are hard’ and as it dawned on me what he said (his French/Algerian accent and my poor French), I saw his other arm go up and in his hand I saw a huge machete…….

Excerpt #3

One time when we were out-and-about we went to visit Alasdair Mór (‘Big’ Alasdair). He was quite old by that time and was sitting in a chair by the window looking out over the treeless windswept landscape of peat bogs and lagoons. A narrow tarmacadammed road snaked its way through this bleak terrain and connected a fairly large corrugated zinc building painted green to the croft where Alasdair lived.
This building had been used as a church building during the revival and Nancy and I had gone in there to pray before meeting Alasdair. When we were praying in the spirit we could see people rejoicing, praising God and dancing and we shared this with Alasdair. As we did so his eyes began to well-up with tears and he looked from his window into a distance we could not see. ‘Yes’, he said, ‘that’s what it was like but the thanksgiving and praise, the rejoicing and dancing wasn’t confined to that building. We spilled out onto the streets day and night unable to contain within ourselves or any building the great love of God that burst forth from within us.’……

Excerpt #4

As we drove up the sweeping driveway and saw the massive mansion, our hearts leapt within us and we knew that this was the place that the Lord wanted us to have. We had arranged to look around inside. The house had been empty for about four years and was a little stuffy but despite this and the fact that it was locked in a 1970’s time warp we both fell head-over-heels in love with the place. Kilcreggan House wasn’t just the main house it was a whole variety of cabins and out buildings all sitting in over three acres of land……

Excerpt #5

When the transplant team did their ward round later they were all amazed at how well I was doing. All of them recognised God’s hand in every detail and in their own words they said, “Your faith has made you well”. The transplant took place on April 7th, 2000. My scar looks like I’ve been sawn in two. Many years have now passed and many subsequent miracles have taken place. I am able to live a very active and healthy life and my regular check-ups at the hospital show that everything is functioning normally. Praise God…..

Excerpt #6

From that time on we would get a phone call from Ronnie saying things like, ‘I’ve got 17,000 square meters of carpet from a medical exhibition. They hardly walked on it, do you want it?’ The trouble was that all the carpet had to be collected at the same time and it had to be stored by us. I hired a 12×20 foot steel shipping container and had it positioned on the edge of our church car park. When a collection was due I called on everyone I could to help and ferried the carpets from Finnieston to Drumchapel sometimes in a hired van but more often in our little white mini-bus.
Word quickly spread and we ended up helping Social Work clients all over Glasgow as well as giving carpets to churches and community projects all over Scotland. In Drumchapel we completely carpeted more than 650 homes for free. After a year of going in and out to B&Q, they designated a corner of their yard for us. I would drive in once every week and collect whatever was there. They gave us pallets of paint, ceramic tiles, bathroom suites and much more. More and more Drumchapel Community Church was looking less and less like a traditional church……

Excerpt #7

Life on the street is basic and somewhat primitive. Everything that can pull a cart does so; people, oxen, camels, horses and countless thousands of donkeys.
The intermittent electricity power-sheds daily and the sewage and water systems are inadequate. I was there at the beginning of March and already the temperature was getting into the 30’s promising to peak in the high 40’s by mid summer.
Plagues of flies were already amassing around the street vendors, especially the meat stands where the butchered carcasses were suspended on hooks above a line of severed goat’s heads smiling sardonically and at last unperturbed by the crawling parasites that infested them. Inevitably, in such conditions, despite every precaution, diarrhoea comes to visit….

Excerpt #8

In the vision, the sun was shining high in the sky above the trees. Beams of light sliced through the shadows like spotlights suspending flying insects in time and space. One of those beams highlighted a figure, dressed all in white, standing waist-deep in the pool. The contrast of his white raiment with the darkness around made him glow as though he himself was light. The waterfall behind him, much higher than I remember, was shrouded in a fine spray that caught the light and transformed it into a magnificent, ethereal rainbow like a breath that was too delicate to hold…..

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