McKenzie Art

One Bad Apple

In my exciting new novel, ‘One Bad Apple’, based on the Costa Del Sol in Southern Spain, we are introduced to a whole new set of characters from all sorts of backgrounds. However, McKenzie remains our central player and is pivotal for much of the action.

This time, interestingly, McKenzie has discovered his latent artist within himself and through the release of that is becoming rather famous. He has developed a style of portraiture that he enjoys and has begun to paint the kaleidoscope of characters that he has met during his adventurous life.

Two major issues put restrictions on McKenzie’s mysterious lifestyle; he cannot reveal the identity of many of his associates because of who they are in dark and seedy underworld of crime and terror and, perhaps even more importantly, he cannot compromise his position within CANT.

For this reason, despite his growing fame (and perhaps even contributing to it), McKenzie never makes an appearance at his exhibitions nor gives media interviews. In fact, no-one has ever seen McKenzie – not even a photograph and this makes him all the more attractive and desirable…..

McKenzie’s Paintings

McKenzie Writing

There follows a selection of excerpts taken from my new book, ‘One Bad Apple’. You can pre-order my new book, ‘One Bad Apple’ from  this website. The release date is expected to be on time for Christmas 2015.
Pre-Order £14.99 (plus Post and Packaging £5.00) = £19.99

Excerpt #1

“God is Great!” “God is Great!”.
As the bomb went off, the noise was deafening sending nails and pieces of suicide bomber in a blast-circle of carnage and destruction… and then nothing; a vacuum of silence that lasted only seconds but hung in eternity. Next the screaming started…..